21 05 14 - 16:43

We will be dark this week because we will all be at HackUCI!

You should be there as well!

Happy Memorial Day and we will be back next week!


Plotting For HackUCI

16 05 14 - 16:40

We discused our plans for HackUCI


Coding Commentary

09 05 14 - 16:37

A rather subdued session this time.

We discussed the humor in this link about writing a "Hello World" program


El Dos De Mayo

02 05 14 - 16:06

Parrot Quadcopter has an open telnet port for hacking

LEAP on Linux: YMMV (alien converted rpm has library dependency version issues)

GlobalSat ND-100S USB GPS Device works out of the box with GPSD

Jasper is a voice control system for RPi


FAC Spring 2014 Bounties and Challenges

21 04 14 - 14:20

    Bounties - 1 Prize each
            Implement Encrypted LAMP stack that enforces no open packets on OpenStack
                Encrypted disk
                HTTP rewrite to HTTPS
                POP3/IMAP/SMTP all rewrite to secure versions

            Implement Apache OpenMeeting securely on an OpenStack instance

            Implemlent Apache Allura securely on an OpenStack instance
    Challenges - Number of Prizes dictate team size
        Raspberry Pi - two options (only one may be selected) 2 Prizes
            Implement  NooElec SDR on RPi and either:
            Implement   CreepyDOL
            Implement  control of hp Quadcopter
            Note: This implies that the SDR implementation is used to achieve either of the other goals.

        Raspberry Pi 2 Prizes
            Install and activate GPS including soldering of the device to a breadboard connector and developing a software interface
            Create one-button interface to generate image, geotag it and email it to a phone (configuration will be coded on installation)
            Design and build 3D printed case to mount all components 

        Android and Https server - 3 Prizes
            On HTTPS
                Service for collective location services
                Implement HTTPS based LAMP stack
                Create Database
                Implement Web Application
                    Subscription Form
                    Invitation Form
                    Sign In/Join Session Form
                    Provide Updates To Android
                Implement Android Application
                    Map based view of location of all invitees
            All software must be released under MIT License
            All projects must be developed in the Allura service provided by FAC
            Prizes are Raspberry Pi Model Bs
            Prizes are available until claimed
            Eligibility is open to all


FAC Ideas

11 04 14 - 09:50

These were discussed.  The contents of this image will be translated in the next blog post.



20 03 14 - 20:32

The Spring has sprung.

This week it's cryptography.

We will be discussing these two videos and their implications: Part 1 and Part 2.

Remember, we are in the Evoke Lab at UCI.  Email if we need to carpool form Broadcom.

Be there!

Update: 22/04./2014 NIST Removes Dual_EC_DRBG From Random Number Generator Recommendations


Happy Pi Day

14 03 14 - 11:51

It is Pi Day in The USA and also Einstein's Birthday everywhere!


EVOKE Lab: Inaugural Session

07 03 14 - 14:13

We had a fantastic first session at Evoke.  Dr. Cory Knobel has generously opened his lab on Friday Afternoons.

There was no hacking this time.  Jo3 was configuring the CloudStack server for FAC, but stopped when scripting would have required exposing passwords on the big screen -- the cloud server will be ready soon.

We covered many topics during our chat.  Here are links to some of the highlights:

Leap Motion Detector

Fluid Nexus Disintermediated Mobile Messaging

The SWARM Lab at Berkeley

Dr. Dominique Bouliier's wearable ditigal identities project, Habitele

Phonebloks Configurable Modular Phones

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's research on personal data for the public good

Thanks to all who attended!


FAC Has A New Home! Evoke Lab At UCI

04 03 14 - 12:08

Thanks to the exceptional effort of Christopher Ries, we have received permission from Dr. Cory Knobel of UCI to use the Evoke Lab for FAC activities on Fridays from 3:00 until 5:00! The location is here and the general overivew of the lab is here.

As for this week's agenda, if left up to me, I will present on "Things I learned at SCALE12X," namely, the build-out of a cloud infrastructure using KVM and Apache CloudStack.  The demo is relevant because once the cloud is deployed, FAC members will be allowed to have VMs with pronounceable, Internet reachable URLs for their own experimentation.

HOWEVER, that is not the only possible topic!  I remind every member, guest, and causal observer that this is a collaboration.  All topics are welcome, and if anybody has an idea for a presentation, feel free to announce it (that's right, you don't ask permission, you just announce your intent)!  The FAC is for everybody and anybody can show-and-tell!

Parking is standard UCI pay-to-play.  If anybody is interested, we can arrange a carpool from Broadcom so that we can park fewer vehicles.

Attached are a few images Chris took to help us envision the new environment.