Ameritrade Waiter-To-Chef??

24 02 14 - 10:12

This Ameritrade commercial is completely illogical.  "Busser" (not a real job title) to Waiter to Chef.  Not a chance!  Does anybody really believe waiting tables is training to be a Chef?  What becomes of all the Prep-cooks, Line-cooks, and Sous-chefs?  Are they really all going to allow a Waiter to oversee them?  Has anybody ever seen how well Chefs thow knives?  That career path is simply non-existent.


MetLife "Dad's Accident"

17 02 14 - 18:07

This MetLife add has an adult child rushing home to find out that her father had fallen off the roof.  Instead of expressing even the slightest compassion, or even finding out if he is alright, she goes directly into a high-pressure sales pitch for life inusrance.  It is quite disheartening.  The child is actually hoping for her parents' deaths rather than hoping for their longevity.  Snoopy, their mascot, must be awfully insenstive.


Phoenix University "Aim High" Sadly Misses The Mark

16 02 14 - 13:17

Sometimes, it is hard to tell how such drivel gets green-lighted.  An advertisement, Aim High, from Phoenix University is offensive in its misuse of Quindar Tones.

The tones were used to initiate CapCom transmission to spacecraft. They were a form of in-band signaling. There were two tones, one for initiation and one slightly lower in pitch for termination.

The commercial completely misses this and just plays the initiation tone at random times during the sequence. Anybody planning a career in space should consider seeking education elsewhere, perhaps a university where the institutional knowledge of spaceflight includes an understanding of spacecraft communication.



11 02 14 - 19:53

Logical Fallacies.

Specious Claims.

Absurd Equivalencies.

Excessive Self-Indulgence.

Just plain all-around Badvertising!


Blogs At Brats

01 01 14 - 19:52

Friday Afternoon Club



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